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"Nature itself is the best physician."

- Hippocrates

Our Naturopathic services will focus on finding the right diet, lifestyle and supplements that will help you to holistically overcome health problems and discomforts for long term wellbeing.

At Infinite Balanced Health we help treat disease and enhance general health and well-being using herbal medicine. The study of botany and medicinal plants for health and wellness has been used in ancient cultures until today.  

As a trained and certified Iridologist, Antonina uses the scientific study of the iris to identify physiological conditions, health risks, and toxic accumulations as well gaining insight into the vitality and health status of the body and prevent disease states.

Nutrition therapy focuses on healing the mind and body through intuitive eating. We help you to understand your eating habits, while discovering the power of the right food to fuel your unique body. 

Reiki/crystal healing is a non-invasive synergistic healing experience. It works on the energy centres of the body by clearing energetic blocks where there is stagnation working on the levels of physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels.

As a functional health practitioner, Antonina utilises pathology testing to investigate the functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal status of patients to help diagnose health conditions and diseases.

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